Current Israeli Naval Inventory

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Saar 5 class missile corvettes:

INS Eilat 501, INS Lahav 502, INS Hanit 503

(Above picture is a Saar 5 missile corvette taken from


Missile Boats

Saar 2/Saar 3 class (Mivtach class) missile boats

Saar 4 class (Reshef class) missile boats:

INS Kidon, INS Yaffo, INS Nitzachon, INS Atzmaut

Saar 4.5 class (Hetz Class) missile boats / helicopter carriers:

INS Romah, INS Keshet, INS Hetz, INS Kidon, INS Tarshish, INS Yaffo, INS Herev, INS Sufa

Image:INS Hetz.JPEG

((Above picture is INS Hetz taken in 1991 from


Patrol Boats

Darbur class patrol boats: 15 active today

Super Dvora Mk I: 9 active today

Super Dvora Mk II: 4 active today

Super Dvora Mk III: 6 ordered for use

Shaldag class fast patrol boats: 2 ordered

Nachshol class patrol boats: 3 active today

(Above picture is a Super Dvora Mk III taken from



Gal class:

INS Gal, INS Tanin, INS Rahav

Dolphin class:

INS Dolphin, INS Leviathan, INS Tekumah

On August 25th, 2006, the Israeli government struck an agreement with Germany to purchase to Dolphin class submarines which would be nuclear capable for 1.3 billion dollars. Germany has agreed to finance close to 1/3rd of the project.

(Above picture is a surfacing Dolphin class submarine taken from